Messy Hair Girl Kite

Messy Hair Girl Kite 

There was a girl named Alizay, who lived in India. She lived in Mumbai with her father, Mother who was working as a teacher in Atlanta Georgia, United States. So, she always got bullied in school because of her messy and tangled hair and because of that no one liked her or was friend of her. After some days a new girl named Zahara wore an Indian traditional dress and she covered her hair by putting a scarf on her head. As they both didn’t have friends, soon they both became nice friends. Sometimes Alizay visited her house or Zahara visited her. 

One day Alizai got an idea and wanted to wear a head scarf to cover her hair. Every night before sleeping her mother used to video call her so one day she said to her mother “Mommy, I’m going to start wearing the headscarf”. “Not in my house you're not”  her mother said. She was sad but her father was very happy with the idea and allowed her to wear that in her school. Her dad told her mother about her wearing a scarf and, she said if everyone is happy with her decision then she can. 

The next day all eyes were on her, staring guessing who that girl was. When they noticed, everyone was shocked, even Zahara. She was so happy seeing her friend wearing a scarf for the first time. Alizai was feeling very comfortable wearing a scarf on her head. In the city where she lived that city was known for its kite competitions but girls were not allowed to take part in it but still they used to play with kites at home. They were very good at it.They thought it is very unfair for girls. 

So, they decided to take part in the kite competition. You should have only one partner for competition and which group cuts the most kites will get 80,000$ rupees (U.S.A 1,000 dollars). When they reached for the competition many kids started to laugh at them, and because of that they got nervous. But when they started to play they cutted 24 kites in just 20 minutes. Seeing that everyone was shocked and started to feel jealous. So, they started to run after the kites they cut. After the competition they ran after the kids, so that they wouldn't take their kites. Hassan comes back with that blue kite, Chacha (Uncle) have you seen Hassan by chance. No, beta (child). When they found the kids they had their kites, when they told them to give them back the kids tore all the kites that they had cutted through the competition. When they were announcing the winner we both started to cry because they lost so many kites. 

So, they cutted 30 kites in 30 minutes, which was the highest score until now, so they won the match and won 80,000$ rupees (U.S.A 1,000 dollars). After many days Zahara’s parents decided to transfer to America. When Alizai heard about it she was very sad and then she heard good news from her mother that they got a visa and they are going to America. Alizai was very happy to see her mother after many years but also to be with Zahara in the U.S.A.           

                                   -:The End:-


Piece by Piece by Priya Huq

Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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