Aftermath: The Life of a Man After WWII


The life of a man after WWII.

                                          November 8th, 1955      


        We fought in World War II together!”  Aubrey shouted, he was furious at the fact that he would  not be re-enlisted “You’re no longer qualified to fight Abuery” James said reluctantly as he did not want to infuriate Aubrey anymore than he already was.

Aubrey, a full metal jacket war head, was a Soldier that served in World War II, along with his Best Friend James. However while in battle he suffered a critical head injury , and just as the Vietnam war began, Aubrey was rejected for re-enlistment

      “To hell with qualifications!” said Aubrey with an even more powerful tone in his voice, at this point James was on the brink of wetting himself when he had to tell Aubrey that he was going to be re- enlisted, “Welp I should be headed out bout’ now, it’s gettin mighty late.” James said with a low and soft voice. 

“Why are you walking’ like you're a kid bout’ to miss the school bus ?” Aubrey said suspiciously.

         The thousands of-

Thoughts racing through James’ head stopped him dead in his tracks as if glass had gone straight through his feet. “Look Aubrey, I gotta tell you somethin’” silence flooded the room like a tidal wave, “Im---re-enlist-” before James could even finish the sentence Aubrey's mind already comprehended what James was about to tell him. Aubrey tackled him to the ground in an enemy takedown style. “I’LL KILL YOU I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL BREAK YOUR NECK RIGHT HERE!” “Calm down Aubrey Please!” At this point Aubrey was ringing his neck with full hesitation to kill. 

       With no other option James connected a fierce right hook to Aubrey's jaw, a split second later Aubrey was frozen cold over on his apartment floor, James with a concerned look on his face checked Aubrey's pulse. After he confirmed that his best friend was alive he propped him on the couch and headed for the door “I didn't want the last time I could ever see you to end like this, I’ll be sure to send you a letter pal.” 

He had shed a tear before he silently closed the door.

December 24, 1955

He worked from 7:00 AM to 6:00! Shouted Macy, “Honey please there's no reason to yell, you'll only make the situation worse.” said Aubrey. “No! For the love of god you’ve worked all week to get this day off, I'm spending Christmas eve with my boyfriend no matter what!” The tension at that moment in the restaurant got so thick you could cut it with the dullest knife in the world. “Look mAcY” Larry said in a wobbly and distorted tone as a obvious sign of disrespect, Aubreys fist started to tighten in that moment. “I don’t care about your little hubby wubby 

 Christmas, if I want him to work he’ll work. “Plus shouldn't you be packing him a sandwich right  bout’ now anywa-” The ugly attitude supervisor was cut off by a square one to the face by Aubrey. “You got some nerve to be talking bout’ my girl hotstuff.”  A fat spitball delivered by Aubrey hit with precision on Larry’s face as The couple headed for the door to the closed restaurant.

“Well I say he had it comin’ Disrespecting you and Aubrey like that, on Christmas eve of all days”  said Linda before she took another sip of tea. “I know, some folks' heads just ain’t on straight these days” “Hey Macy, ya didn't tell me we had company I would’ve woken up a little early to get dressed” said Aubrey in a tired and lazy tone. “It’s alright Aubrey, it’s not like you know how to dress like that anyways” Linda said jokingly, everyone laughed quietly at the joke. “Well I should be headin’ home, it’s a quarter past seven” “That’s not like you, you usually drain our tea before you leave, you haven’t even finished that cup” Macy said with a concerned tone. “Oh it’s alright girl, you know Robert doesn't like it when I come home late on holidays.”  “Well alright i'll’ see you tomorrow at supper” Macy said quietly as Linda headed for the door.

       “Ion enjoy that Robert to much'' said Aubrey “Guess both of us gotta  ticket to the same ship” said Macy, “Well you know we gotta get up early if we wanna get the ingredients for them rolls you always make, the boys already bettin’ on who can make it to the market first.” Aubrey said “Yall’ guys with these crazy ideas' ' chuckled macy. “When did I tell you to get back? '' Those words were followed by a loud smack. “The hells going on out there!” Aubrey said, as he sat up and threw on a jacket over the tanktop he was wearing. “Dear god, that sounds like Robert!” Macy shouted. “And it sounds like it’s coming from the parking lot,” Aubrey said, rushing down the stairs of the apartment with Macy by his side. 

      “Please Robert it won’t happen aga-” her voice was cut of with yet another even louder smack “Don’t you lie to me girl i’ll end yo life right in this parking-lot” “What's goin down here robert” Aubrey said in a menacing tone. “Oh I was just joshing with her, you know you can’t be trustin these women '' Linda had a purple handprint on her face, with tears rolling down her face all the way to her chest. “Well actually Linda told us that she was gonna stay over here for the night so she could help us cook for supper early” "Yeah isn’t that right Linda '' Macy said, attempting to stay calm. “Yes, yes, most definitely, I wanna make sure everything's cooked right, and we know Aubrey can’t cook, heh-heh” “Mmmmm well alright, i’ll see y'all tomorrow in that case” Linda speed-walked over to the couple and headed to the apartment entrance. “You al- '' A loud and ferocious gunshot goes off, and Aubrey falls to the ground, “Ahhhhhh' Aubrey screamed loudly. “Aubrey! Aubrey!”  The last thing he saw was Robert dashing for his car and speeding off before he blacked out. 


                                                            December 25, 1955 (Christmas day)

                 “What an amazing recovery you’ve had Mr. Smith” “Thanks this body is made of steel” Aubrey said jokingly  “Must be, you were shot in the arm by a 1950 Colt Cobra” it went deep but missed the bone it did slightly damaged the cartilage though , so you might wanna rest it in that sling a little longer” “Aubrey, Aubrey, my love are you alright?” “A-ok my star shining darlin’”  “Oh thank the heavens” Macy said, “Linda is giving her report down at the station, when they release you we’ll go visit her”  “Sounds alright”  said Aubrey.

Christmas dinner  had arrived by now everyone was at the couples Apartment, the supper was grand, the table was truly set.

“Girl you need to be in a Madhouse” said a linda “Im’ being honest, those pigs in a blanket that Aubrey made actually made me fly” Okay-Okay they weren't that bad” said Aubrey  “I'm being for rea-”  four loud knocks hit the door, each one smothered the crowd level noise, I’ll get it Aubrey said”  when he opened the door he was greeted by a man dressed in a blue jacket, with stainless white pants topped with a white hat. “Is this the residence of Lutteniant Aubrey Smith?” Said the man, “Yes sir it is” Aubrey said with a concerned look”. The man took his hat off slowly but formally, “I regret to inform you that a known member of your squad by the name of James Quaterdale, has been killed in battle, we send our deepest condolences to you and his family.”

Aubrey could do nothing but stand there in shock as he had just received some of the worst news of his life, his best friend, brothers that didn't share the same blood, were dead.

         “Thank you for informing me sir, have a blessed christmas” “To you as well” the man said as Aubrey closed the door. Nobody said anything for the rest of the night, people just slowly started to head home.

“Well I don’t think this is the way it should’ve ended this way especially on Christmas” “It’s alright, it’s a part of life.” Aubrey said obviously holding back tears, “Honey it’s okay to grief, it's not good for you to be holding all this in” Macy headed to the kitchen and sliced a piece of the chocolate cake that nobody had touched, “Here” “Thanks hun’” Aubrey said in a sweet tone

“I already got in touch with a funeral home,” the service will take place on New Years eve so keep that in mind, “Alright”

December 31, 1955 (New Years Eve)

“Let this child rest in the Hands of God, And be holy through life and death!”  “AMEN I SAY!”  “AMEN” everyone responded, as the hearse rolled the casket to the cemetery with the chilling notes of Funeral March sweeping the streets”

When the March to the cemetery ended, and the casket was dropped into the designated grave site it was time to go, everyone left except for Aubrey, he just sat there body motionless, face emotionless, he was in that state until Macy had came and quite literally dragged him into the car and took him home. “Why, Why, Why him! Why him!” Aubrey Screamed  “Baby you have to calm down, it’s not good for you”

          “Let me kill your best friend and then tell you on Christmas day, how would you like that huh!” Aubrey yelled. Macy could do nothing but let Aubrey grief as she drove back to their Apartment. She tried to hide it, but deep down she worried so much, she had never seen someone as tough and hard headed as Aubrey, so down, she hoped to see him better at morn. When they arrived back at the apartment,  they just sat there like distant strangers nothing could break the silence both knew anything said, would either make the situation even more awkward than it was already, or start an argument, everything that had built up, where they were now, was crushed by a ten-ton pound of morn, death, and grief. Both knew that that night would be restful and filled with dreary silence. 

 August 10th, 2000

“Grandaddy Abe, Grandma Macy, We're supposed to go see James’ grave today.” “Okay, okay, doll, we’ll go” a now 67 year old Aubrey said, “Let's head out now, I heard there's going to be a service around his grave so lets make it quick.” 

After a 2 hour drive they finally arrived at Wellington Gate Cemetery, they had finally arrived at the late soldier's grave. “ Welp, here it is”  “It looks so old and why hasn't anybody else put some more flowers around his grave” “Well doll he doesn't have a lot of family left so not alot flowers are gonna be here” “Yeah hun that's just the way it is.” Macy added, “Well y'all head back to the car i’ll be there in a minute, we’ll pick up some Ice cream after this alright?” Aubrey said . “Yayyyyyy! '' said Grace, Aubrey's granddaughter, in excitement. Aubrey stared at the grave reminiscing on all the good times they had together, all the bad times they had together, it took him back, back to an era that crippled his mind knowing that he would never have it again, never have James again, he was stuck in a constellation of all the memories in his mind, he stood at the foot of the grave, his face was hanging on the cliff of blankness, finally reality had stormed his thoughts like the beaches of Normandy, and hit in in the face , snapping him back to current time. Once it all came back to him, he threw one last strong salute to the tombstone of the fallen soldier.

Aubrey and Macy would go on to live for 12 more years before dying of old age 1 month after the other…

SENTENCE 1 Comes from the book: The Power Of One: Daisy Bates And The Little Rock Nine

Sentence 2 Comes from the book: Shaquem Griffin: Don’t tell Me what I Can’t Do.



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