Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations - The 3 Rs
Be respectful, responsible and ready to learn.


3 Rs

Media Center 









Enter with a pass.
Remain quiet.
Sign in and sign out of Media Center.  Place books back on the shelf in the proper place.  Do not consume food, gum or candy.
Wait your turn.  Always push in your chair.
Stamp passes when leaving.

Play by the rules.
Show good sportsmanship.
Return all equipment.
Play safely.

Close locker doors quietly.
Be quiet.

Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
Keep food, drink, candy and gum off the bus.
Keeps objects in book bags.
Objects are not to be thrown from windows.

Teacher assigned rituals and routines posted in each classroom.

Wait your turn.  Clean your area before leaving.  Eat your own food.  All utensils and food remain in the commons area.

Follow directives given by teachers. 



Return library books on time.   Pay for lost or damaged books.  Pay for printing charges.  Handle equipment and computers properly.  Clean up your area before leaving. 

Responsible for one's actions, self and belongings.  Lock up items of importance.

Walk quietly and stay to the right. 

Be on time to bus stop. Sit safely, face forward and stay seated at all times. Keep hands and heads inside of bus.

Teachers have a right to teach and the students have a right to learn.  

To know your key pad number.  To have your lunch money.  For your tray that no one touches it.

Keep the restroom areas clean and neat.



Bring a writing utensil and paper.  Bring library books to return or renew.  Ask for assistance if needed.

Sitting in roll call, quietly.  Ready to listen, learn and do.

Student work will be displayed at the end of each hallway.  Read the commentary from the teachers.

Learn and follow all safety rules.

Be prepared for class and on time.

Respect for adults and others.  Eat a balanced meal to help you think better.

4 in the stall, 4 on the wall and 4 in the hall.

Comet RUC2 Rules

Come to school in uniform
On time
Make the best of each day
Express respect for yourself and others
Turn in all work
Strive for success
and follow the...

Blue & Golden Rule

Be where you’re supposed to be,
doing what you’re supposed to be doing,
when you’re supposed to be doing it


Incentives & Policies

Those students who follow the above and receive no ISS or OSS or 3 like infractions will earn a behavior incentive at the end of the 9 weeks to celebrate their positive behavior.


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