Your Last Command

Your Last Command

Character profiles.

Name: 1010



Made by picrew.




Made by picrew.

Magic, and Androids are common in this world. Magic being taught in school. While androids are used for fighting and war. It's not common to find androids off the battlefield. Droplets of rain trickled down a leaf, falling into a pile of rubble. He walked through the ghost town with an umbrella. He looked at the buildings that were destroyed and neglected . As he continued walking, he saw a pile of rubble. He stopped as he observed it before taking a deeper look. He moved some of the pieces of trash and  rubble before stopping at the sight of something unexpected. He stepped back in shock, his mouth left agape.  He closed his mouth as  he examined it closer. There was no doubt that what he saw was an android. The android had long messy black hair. It had torn up clothes covering its body. A bandage loosely covering its left eye, cracks on the right side of its face. Wires seemed to have been torn out from the wires hanging out of the open wounds of the android’s body. “This- This is an android..” he looked around the destroyed town and looked back at the android. “I can't just leave her like this-” he held his umbrella out so that the rain would not fall on the android. He set up the umbrella on a piece of rumble so that he could pick up the android without getting soaked by the rain. He looked around the rumble before he picked her up. He managed to find pieces of the android's body scattered around the place. He used a spell of wind which caused a gust of wind to pick up the pieces as he found them. Once he was done he looked back over to the android. He picked her up, carrying her in his arms. Another gust of wind picked up the umbrella, making it levitate over them so that they wouldn't get wet.  The pieces he found followed. He made his way out of the rubble. His clothes were  now filthy with dirt. He started walking down the sidewalk again as he was before, back home. After a while he had made it out of the ghost town. He had made it home as well. He fumbled through his pockets to get his house keys out. Before he finally got them. He used another spell so that the wind could open the door for him. He stepped inside rubbing his feet on his door mat so that dirt wouldn't get in the house. He walked over to  his living room and placed the android down on the couch. The wind had put up the umbrella and had placed the pieces on a coffee table in front of the couch. He sighed as he laid on the floor next to the couch. His eyes fluttered shut, and he stayed quiet for a long time you would've thought he was asleep. “I wonder why she was left there in the rubble..” he said in a soft voice as his eyes opened. He sat up and he looked at the pieces of the android's body. He looked back at the android. She was missing her right arm. He messed with the pieces and after a few hours he managed to fix the android body. The android no longer had wires hanging out of her open wounds. She also had a new right arm. Instead of loose bandages around her left eye she only had an eyepatch. He smiled proudly looking at the android's fixed body. “Now that I've done all the work… I still don't know how to power her up… “  he stretched as he walked over to his room. He opened the door and walked over to his desk, he sat down and opened his laptop. “Your drawing melba right.” he said to himself to make himself laugh. He started researching more about the androids. After a while he sighed, closing the laptop and walking back to the living room. He kneeled down next to the couch. He moved the androids messy hair so that he could see the androids neck. He took the bandages off slowly. There were scars on her neck, on the side of her neck there was a tattoo of a power button. He pressed it hesitantly. A few seconds passed and nothing happened. He looked around confused. “But- but the article said there was a button around here-” He looked on the other side of her neck and he saw the actual button. “-Ohhhhh! Found it!” he pressed it. The android's eyes blinked open. They were black at first before they turned red. The android examined what it saw head first before she turned to look at the human who was leaning next to her. He jumped back at the android suddenly turning on. Shrieking  before he calmed down. “DON'T SUDDENLY TURN ON LIKE THAT!!” he said in a frightened tone.  The android sat up and turned its full attention to the human. She scanned him and through her eyes the human data pulled up. “First name Akihiko, last name Mochizuki. Age 22 years old. Magic speciality, Wind and water.” the android continued pulling up akihiko's data. But before she could continue she was interrupted by akihiko. “STOP!! Just- just stop.” he sighed before sitting down on the floor next  to the couch. She stopped. She looked down at her body examining how she was repaired, “You did this yourself?” The android asked as she moved and looked at her new right  arm. “Huh-?” he turned to look at her and he nodded “Yup! All by myself!” he said proudly. “Interesting. Human, where did you find me?”  she said, looking over at him. “Oh Well I was taking a stroll while it was raining in a destroyed town and I had found you in a pile of rubble on my way home.” he messed with his sleeve as he talked. “I see.. Well you did a good job repairing my body. Why didn't you change me out of my clothes?” she looked down at the torn up clothes. He looked away and stood up, he quickly walked over to his room before coming back with a pair of clothes in his hands. “I thought that it might be better if you did it.. I asked my sister if I could borrow some of her clothes to give to you..” he held the clothes out for her to take. She took the clothes before examining them. “These might be a bit small.. But it'll do.” The android got up walking past Akihiko. “Where can I change..?” She looked back at him. “Oh! The bathrooms on the left hallway and then on your right.” he said as he smiled at her reassuringly.  The robot nodded as she walked towards the left hallway. She opened the door to the bathroom, stepping inside as she closed the door behind her. Locking the door and she looked around the room examining the surroundings.  He walked over to the kitchen, putting an apron on as he turned the kitchen lights on. After a while the street lights were on. He placed a bowl of rice porridge on the counter of the kitchen. He hummed as he cleaned up and put his apron away.  She unlocked the door and opened it. She closed the door behind her as she walked over to the kitchen counter. She spotted the bowl of rice porridge. “Is.. is that rice porridge?” he looked over and smiled at her, nodding. “It is! Made specifically for you!” 

She didn't look away from the plate and replied to him in a monotone voice. “I don't need nutrients from food. Nor do I need to eat food.” she frowned as she looked down on it. “But you can eat right? It's just you don't need to?” he tilted his head in curiosity. “I  can eat.. It's just I never needed to.  Why rice porridge?”  she said sitting down on one of the stools. “Cause it's what sick people eat to get better right? You were in the rain with no umbrella! I assumed you may have gotten a cold.”  He looked out the window. The rain was still pouring down.  She picked up the spoon and scooped up some of the porridge onto the spoon. She blew on it, putting her hair behind her ear as she took a sip of the rice porridge. She placed the spoon down. “Androids can't get sick. We can only get corrupted. But.. I appreciate the small gesture.” she smiled as she continued eating.  He looked at her confused before shrugging his shoulders. He walked over to his room and came back with a hairbrush in his hands. “You dont mind if i brush you hair..?”  she chewed her food before speaking. She look down at her messy tangled black hair. And nodded as she took another sip of the rice porridge. He smiled and he walked over to brush her hair. He tried his best to not harm her as she ate. After a while she had finished eating. Leaving nothing in her bowl. She looked down at her hands as Akihiko brushed her hair. He had gotten most of the tangles out. The drips of rain filled the silence between them. “Why… Why haven't you turned me into the police..?” she said in low monotone voice.  He raised an eyebrow, confused about what she was talking about. “What do you mean?”  she didn't turn to look at him. “Law 27 of androids. If an android is found outside of the battlefield, it must be reported to the police. This is of great importance.” Her voice sent chills down his spine. He finished brushing her hair. “Well… they don't have to know right? Plus if I did report you to the police… they'll make you fight again won't they?” he put the brush down on the counter and looked down gloomly. The robot stayed quiet not expecting that question.  “Androids were programmed to fight. We are made to feel pain and emotions. We are made to replicate humans, So we can fight. My purpose is to fight and follow the orders of my commander…” a silence filled the room before in a soft voice she spoke again. “My commander is dead.”  it took him a second for him to realize what she meant. “What- What do you mean?!” he said in disbelief. “The rubble you found me in. Before then I was fighting a… mechi. Multiple.” she turned her stool to face him. He didn't look back at her.  “What are mechi..?” She bit her tongue and she looked up at him with a serious look. “Whatever I'm about to say must not leave this room.” He nodded and she sighed looking to the side. “When Androids were first made there were a lot of scraps. Their bodies were soon teared up. Thrown out. Mechi are the destroyed scraps. They are mixed up body parts and machinery. Essentially these mechi carry a virus with them. Making them act this way and it's all powered by the first ever mechi. When an android gets this virus, They are corrupted. There's no going back after that.”  she turned back to look at him. “And why were you fighting the mechi?” she looked down and messed with her sleeve. “Before we started fighting the mechi, we had already evacuated the whole town. And then the mechi started showing up. They were fairly easy to beat since I had an ally and my commander was leading me. But then a blossom mechi appeared. And it  took my ally first. I told my commander to stay back cause there was no way he would come out alive. But he persisted. His command was for me to beat the blossom mechi and to save my ally. Unfortunately when I did… it was already too late for her. And when I went back my commander had died right in front of my eyes.” she felt something drip down her cheek. She rubbed her face, getting rid of all the tears. “Blossom mechi take away androids, so that they can create newer mechi.”  she looked down, disappointed in herself.  “I should’ve done better-” she was cut off by Akihiko wiping her tears with  a handkerchief. “You did all you could right? That's what matters most.” He smiled reassuringly at her. “Oh- well i suppose but- i lost an ally that day.”  she said looking up at him. “And yet you're still here. Alive.  That should be enough right? When you lose an ally you gain one. At Least that’s the way I always thought of it!” He grinned at her before walking to the right hallway and opening the storage closet. He came back with a blanket and he draped it over her. She looked at him surprised and she smiled back at him. There was a small set of blush on her cheeks “Thank you. Thank you for your kindness. And for repairing me.” He smiled back at her. “Well! It’s night now.  We should go to sleep!” She looked back at him confused. “I don’t need sleep.” He looked back confused, “What do you mean?”  He said in a confused tone. “Well I only need to be charged for things like energy! But I suppose I do need some charge.. I’m on low charge.” He nodded and said, “So how do I charge you?” She lifted her back hair so that you could see the back of her neck. There was a charging  port in the back of her neck. He looked over. “Ohh I see!! I think I found something in the rubble that fits there. Give me a sec!” He hurried off to the living room and he picked up a small charger that fit the charging port. “This should be it!” He held it out for her to take. She took it and nodded. “Yep this is it! Thank you!-“ she was cut off. Her charge had run out. And she was shut down. Her eyes turned black and they closed. Her body became limp.  “Oh- OH WHAT DO I DO?!?” He panicked and quickly picked her up and took her to his room. He placed her on the bed and plugged the charger in so that she could charge. She stayed unconscious as her button turned green. He sighed seeing the button turn green. He took his  hair out of the pony tail. He walked over to his bathroom, closing the door behind him. After a while he came out with wet hair and his pjs on. He yawned and he moved the android so he could get into bed. He put a blanket over the android, so that it wouldn't get cold. After a while he was asleep.The night passed. As the two warmed up to each other. They spent days together. Days turned into months, June 5th. The day they first met. He had hydrangeas in a bouquet. He waited for the android whose name was Raijin. At first the android had the name 1010. But Akihiko picked a suitable name for her. The name raijin means thunder or thunder god. He picked it on a whim after finding out her name was just numbers. He waited under a tree in a flower patch. After the months he had spent with her. He had grown a soft spot for her, what one may call a crush. He had a crush on Raijin. He felt like today was the day he would let her know of his feelings for her. It wasn't long before she arrived. She wore a nice black sundress. As her straight black hair flew in the wind. She ran up to him smiling before she leaped into him for a hug. Wrapping her arms around him. He stumbled back a little before hugging her back. “Woah!! Almost made me fall!” he chuckled happily.   She stepped back letting him  breath as she let him go from the hug. She smiled at him. “My bad! My bad! I was just happy to see you! Anywho, why'd you ask me to come here?” she tilted her head curiously. “Well..” he showed her the flowers that were hidden behind his back.. “For you!” he smiled, holding it out for her to take. She was shocked, blush filled her face as she took them. She tried to hide her blush and she smiled at him.  “Thank you. They’re beautiful.” She looked down at them, admiring them. “Uhm.. Raijin, this is the anniversary of when we first met…” she looked up at him and remembered the moment. “I remember it like it was yesterday! The rice porridge you made me was delicious. It was the first time I had eaten human food!” Blush filled his cheeks. “After I hung out with you more and as time passed I realized… I've kinda had a crush on you.. And I was wondering if you would go out on a date with me..?”  she looked 


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