Fallout of the Teachers March

The Fallout Of The Teachers March

November 9th, 1947

The president made a speech about how teachers were committed to this march about equal rights. And he wasn’t just talking about committed marchers like Reverend Reese. The teachers started a protest in Washington D.C. And they weren't leaving either; they were too determined to leave with equal rights for everyone. (A Few Hours Earlier) The teachers knew that their students weren't being treated fairly so they decided to do something about it.

The Government was preparing for Red Day. This was the government version of Operation Alert, a day for top officials to rehearse evacuating Washington. (Present Day) The President knew that this was a peaceful protest but the teachers were not what the President was worried about, it was the people with the weapons that were trying to prove a point. The teachers are trying to resolve this peacefully but he knows that the teachers can’t control the people for long.     

November 10th

(The next day)

The people have set up a camp they will not leave without equal rights. The government has now gotten involved since the president is in the White House. Everyone is ready to do Operation Red Day if it comes to it.The Army and Swat teams are holding the line. (2 hours later) Everything was going peacefully until someone threw a bottle at one of the officers. It was out of the president's hands at the time they started to arrest the people at the protest throwing flash bangs and using water hoses to pin them down. 

They started releasing k9 dogs to disarm the people. But then Martin Luther King joined the protest with others; the army temporarily stood down when he arrived. They were waiting for more cars to carry the protesters but they didn’t want the people to know that. So they started to negotiate with the people telling them to go home and they will open a school for the black kids. But that’s not what they wanted. Everyone knew they had to stand their ground; they already made the history books. They have made it clear that they are not leaving no matter what helicopters arrive and the news already knows what’s been happening since some of the protesters have been recording what’s been happening.

November 11th

The cars have arrived and this is out of the President's hands he tried to hold them back for as long as he could. The army started to get violent and they started to attack the protesters. Everyone was getting put behind bars; only a few teachers, Martin Luther King, and a few of his friends were the only ones left. Their only focus is Mr.King after they arrest him they thought the rest would leave they were wrong. But they didn't, they stood strong and tall. The army stood down and everyone thought it was over. But then (BOOM) the army took everyone while they were knocked out. 

While in prison Mr.King ensured that everyone will be ok. what they did that day will be remembered. Everyone thought that they would probably get out. But then there was a loud voice and people were protesting outside of the prison. To let the people know that they were in prison and that they were still protesting peacefully in Washington D.C. Mr.King wanted to join the people the right way he didn't want to break out of prison. But there was a cop who let them out since they haven't done any crimes.So the people go to the white house led by Mr.King he gives a speech about equal rights and everyone stood down and followed the President's orders. And then the government sends an order to shut this down! They ordered them to attack. 

(To be continued)

Two books- title and sentence

1# Fallout:This was the government version of Operation Alert, a day for top officials to rehearse evacuating Washington.

2# The Teachers March: And he wasn't talking about committed marchers like Reverent Reese.

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