New Friend

New Friend

 It’s my first day at a new school and I’m not sure I’m prepared. I worry so much, so obviously I’m a little nervous. The only thing I know I can rely on is my smarts. Surprisingly, I was the smartest person in my grade in my last school. Not to brag though. Enough of that. Time to tackle the problem at hand. I take one more breath in and head out the door.

“Hello students! As you guys know, today we will practice KAHOOT for tomorrow’s test,” Wow. She seems nice. Glad I landed a nice new teacher. “But before that, I want to introduce the newest addition to our class. Everyone, meet Dante Evans.” The class shouts, “ Hi Dante!”, like a bunch of kindergarteners. Ugh, how disgusting. They’re giggling to themselves. How could they find that funny? God, I already know I’ll hate this class.

 Right before I take my seat, Ms. Cate says, “Dante, you don’t have to take this. You can just sit this one out.” That’s a bummer. A little part of me wanted to take it. Mm, screw it! “Um, Ms. Cate!” “Yes, Evans.” “Could I take this KAHOOT?”, I exclaim. Ms. Cate looks at me, shocked. “Don’t know why you'd want to do that, but sure, why not.” I type in the KAHOOT code with the rest of my classmates as they stare at me. I’m so embarrassed and so nervous! Next time, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

 We take the KAHOOT and I answer extremely quickly on every question. I managed to make first place while hardly having covered that subject! Nice! The whole class looks at me and then this one student says, “Looks like we got a smart kid on our hands.” I make sure to avoid his eyes. “Good job Dante! First day and you’re already a natural!”, Ms. Cate says, smiling. “Thank you.”, I reply. Ms. Cate looks at me for a quick second, and then continues speaking to the students. “Because we have finished the KAHOOT early, you guys can take this time to talk QUIETLY.”

Everyone starts moving their seats and talking with their friends. Man, I’m bored. I’m going to draw until class ends. I pull out my sketchbook and pencil and start drawing. “Hello!” My whole body tenses up. That took me by surprise! “Didn’t mean to scare ya. Hi, I’m Charlotte.” I turn from my sketchbook to look in her direction. She’s beautiful. “Dant-” “Yeah, I know who you are.”, she grins. “Oh- Uh- Yeah.” It feels like an eternity before anyone speaks. 

“So uhm.. You like to draw?”, she says. “Yeah! I love it! I’ve been drawing for years!”, I say, a little excited. “Oh my god! I also love to draw!” Yes! We have something in common! “You draw digitally, right? Can you shade ‘cause bro, it’s so hard!” “Can’t everyone?” “No! Haha!”, I laugh. She starts laughing too. “We’re such nerds!”, she says. “I think it’s because we both love to draw.” “Not a chance!” I like this girl! She’s cool! 

“So why’d you come over here in the first place?” “ OH! I thought you were interesting. Not many people would do what you did and win first place, so I was intrigued.” “Thank you, thank you. Do you wanna come over to my house? I can help you study for that test!” “I’ll have to take you up on that offer!” She winks at me. 

After school, Charlotte actually shows up at my house in nice clothes. I swear she always looks stunning. “Hey Dante! I’m here.” “Hey Charlotte. Come on in.”, I say, a bit nervous. “Nice place you got here. Lovin’ the scenery. “Thanks!” We go up to my room and start studying. After one KAHOOT test, we realize we both know enough. Turns out, she got second place to me! A very close second, might I say. “Here I thought you were studying this info for the first time-” “-But apparently we understood plenty.” We both laugh at her finishing my sentence. “You’re a good friend, Charlotte.”, I say. “Not too shabby yourself.” I smile. 

1. The Dream Weaver

"But apparently we understood plenty."


2. The One and Only Ivan

"I think it's because we both love to draw."

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