A Weird Dream

            A Weird Dream

Where am I? '' a male voice said loudly. The voice echoed throughout the white and empty room. The voice came from Shin who was confused about where he currently is. He vaguely remembers going to his mom's house to ask her for money. “I wish I could lend you the money and let you work it off, but my retirement check doesn’t get here until the first of the month”. That was the response he got from his mom which enraged him. He knew for sure that she had a lot of money after his dad passed away. “What could she have spent all the money in dad’s will on? '' he asked himself. He remembers storming out of the house and slamming the door behind him. He remembered his mom saying something but he did not hear her. After staying in deep thoughts for a while Shin looks around and observes his surroundings. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. He was in a hallway with white room with white walls. It was very bright but there doesn’t seem to be any light source around him. After thinking for a while he decided that there was no point in just standing there and proceeded down the hallway. The hallway seemed to be empty, but as Shin continued walking, he noticed a dark gray staircase ahead. As he walked closer to the stairs he noticed that it offered him choices, to go up or down. Shin had no idea which way he should go, but after thinking for a while Shin decided to get downstairs. He figured that he could always just go backwards if he was to go the wrong way. At the bottom of the stairs he found himself alone in a long gray hallway. He decided to go explore a little bit before going back and taking the other route which was to go upstairs. As he continued walking he saw a glimpse of light ahead of him. As he walks into the light he notices himself in another white room. This room was different however, it had a table and when he looked a little closer he noticed his mom crying. As he looked around he realized this was the scene where he had asked his mom for money and stormed off after she denied his request. As he was about to approach his mom to comfort her. “BAAM!” he fell off the bed. “What a horrible dream” he said to himself. The next morning he went to his mom’s house and apologized to her. 


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