Day 117 of surviving on the roads. I have killed 30 more zombies. My mom killed 40, and my dad killed 50. Dad was the muscle of our family. We needed him to survive, or so I thought. It is now day 130 of surviving. My Mom has killed 20 more and I have killed 10 more. But Dad got bit… We were attacked by a horde of zombies. There were at least 100 of them. We tried to get them all but it was just too many. Dad stayed back to hold them back. But he never caught up to me and mom. It is now day 200 of surviving in the wild. And now my mom and I are in a group with 2 others. Their names are Sam and Melissa. But we call her Mell. I and the group have traveled across the U.S. looking for some type of community. We have crossed Oregan. We are now in Washington D.C. Melissa thought that the Presidents and military might have a community here. I remember my dad always saying “The White House was majestic”. And he was right because I can see it right in front of me. The building is covered with vines. I do not see any type of person on watch so I don't think there is any type of group here. But Sam insisted on checking. And so we enter the door covered in dusty handprints from zombies or people. It was locked so kick and kick and kick until it fell. It attracted some zombies but my mom handled them. To our surprise the white house was clean. Not a speck of dust in sight. But we saw a girl run up the stairs. We all ran after her. Through the WIndow hallway, through the Ground Floor Corridor, up the stairs, until we corner her in the East Room. She says “Please don't hurt me. I'll take you to my community if you need supplies! Just please do not hurt me, please!” Sam, Melissa, and my mom doesn't trust her so we are being cautious while she is taking us to her community. Kourtney(the girl we found) said “They will ask you questions about your life before this and some other questions.” We keep walking for around 3 minutes until I start to smell something. I think it is chicken. It has been a long time since I smelled chicken cooking so I’m not sure. We follow the scent to see this group of people camped up in the State Dining room. I was expecting the president to be there but he wasn't. A few security guards were there, and some civilians I think. Their leader comes up to us. Her name is Jackie. She takes us to the blue room individually to ask the questions Kourtney was talking about. I go first. She asks me numerous questions. Such as “What is your name?”, "How old are you?”, and” How long have you been out there?”. I answer Olivia Andrew, 14, and 200-something days. After some other questions, she asks the questions. What happened to my dad? I tell her that I do not want to talk or even think about it because I know It’ll make me cry. That was the end of my interview so it was now time for the rest of the group's questions. They do well so Jackie decides to let us in her camp. Now it is day 547 of surviving. But not in the wild. We’re still living in the White House. But sadly while Jackie was on a supply run for the camp she got bit and died. So now Kourtney is the leader of what we call the White House Community. More people have thought of the same thing as Sam and came here. They are now safe here. Talking about Sam. Sam and Melissa got married. It was a small wedding but it was beautiful. We also expanded the community. All of the white house is being used. All of its stories, gardens, and rooms are being used. We have an abundance of vegetables and fruit in the garden and in the lawns we have livestock. The Newlyweds also built strong and tall walls so people can go outside without worrying about the zombies. Yes, we have lost people like Jackie and Dad but without those people sacrificing we would not have been able to be here. I know Dad is watching over me and I hope to expand even more and prepare for the coming years. Day 700 of surviving and the zombies broke in….

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