The Life of Marcel

The Life Of Marcel

It was a joyful day in Detroit, Michigan. Marcel woke up happy and was in a great mood. He was so happy nothing could make him mad. He was even shocked at how excited he was. He was so happy because his crush accidentally bumped into him on a walk and gave him a long stare causing him to have butterflies. His friends were laughing at him because they felt that the girl was supposed to be the one who had butterflies. Marcel did not care what anyone said at that moment. Once Marcel arrived home he kept replaying that moment in his head and texted his friend and asked “ Are you going to tell me that was just a coincidence?”

The next day, at school Marcel did everything in his power to be able to see his crush any moment he got. He took the wrong hallways and went in many other directions than he would normally do. At the end of the day on his walk back home he saw his crush running up to him. Marcel took a deep breath and turned around. Once he turned around his crush was right there. Marcel thought she was coming to ask him to go out with her but all she really wanted to do was give him his paper that he dropped. Marcel said thanks and continued to walk. On his walk home he was wondering how he just so happened to drop something and his crush was the one to find it. He did not mind because he wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have handed it to him.

A few weeks pass and Marcel starts to realize that he has been seeing his crush at every corner he turns. In his neighborhood, at school, in the mall, at the park and his favorite place of all his dreams. The one thing that keeps Marcel thinking about his crush is everytime they see each other they make eye contact and give each other a smirk. 

Tomorrow was a special day! It was special because it was Marcel's birthday. He was very excited because he was finally becoming a teenager. He also wondered if his crush knew. It’s the next day and Marcel has been enjoying his day so far. He was on his way out the building but heard someone calling his name. He turned back and saw it was his crush. He stood there with a smile. She ran up to him and took a deep breath in and out. Then she started to pour out her feelings for him. Marcel was speechless and just stood there flabbergasted. As his crush walked away and left him with a beginning of a smile Marcel was too befuddled to move. His friends had to snap him back into reality and once he got home that was all he could think about.

                            To be continued………

The title of my books are 

Hannah West in the Belltown Towers: Are you going to tell me that's just a coincidence?

Yusef Azeem is not a Hero: She let him go with the beginning of a smile.

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