The Last of Us

The Last of Us

During this time of grief these days were not quite soft on me. I hate these army guys that pretend that they are here to protect us. If they were really here to protect us, why did they shoot my daughter dead? I begged and begged for help and all he did was raise his rifle against us. For some reason I was untouched. My daughter was dead.

The name’s Joel. I had a gut feeling that he had something against my daughter Sarah. It looked like that soldier wanted to make sure that she was dead when he walked over to me. Before he could shoot me or my daughter my buddy Tommy shot ‘em dead. Luckily I wasn’t shot but my daughter was. It was only minutes later until she died from the gun wound. All I felt in my soul was sorrow, sorrow for Sarah.

It was over. My daughter was dead and our vehicle was destroyed. The only way we got across the place was by foot. It wasn’t nice but it’s what we had to do. Tommy had parted ways and it was just me. Along the way I found this woman named Tess. She brought a kid along with her named Ellie. We fought throughout the zombie apocalypse together and even fought the ones who tried to kill us. It wasn’t nice but it was what had to be done. We killed many more soldiers on our journey. The reason for this was because if we were spotted outside of our homes we would be shot dead. Of course we disobeyed the rules because we had things to do. They seemed to never end.

As I said before, these days of grief weren’t quite soft on me. They did get harder though. On this one journey that we took, Tess and I, we had to make a decision. The place was broken down due to an explosion that happened all over the place. I don’t know why I forgot to mention that but I did, but anyway, the place was infested with soldiers. We tried to sneak past but apparently sneaking past wasn't enough for them to not spot us. They spotted the crew and we had to split up. We eventually got together once again then they saw us once again. This time Tess made the decision to fight off the soldiers herself. I insisted that we should run but she insisted that she’d stay and fight. Eventually it was her word against mine. We snuck out of that place but when I went back to retrieve my shotgun she was dead.

I went days and days without Tess. It did hurt me a bit but I got over it. My old pal Frank came and joined me but I was afraid that the same thing would happen to him. I'm gonna let you in on something I should have before. When you get bitten by a zombie you obviously get infected. We fought a lot of them and I was close to getting bit a while back. Ellie has an infection bite on her arm but it's 3 weeks old. Somehow she didn’t become infected and I was happy about that. This problem would come up again soon though. Obviously it leads to another death that had me on the bridge of doing the unimaginable. Lucky I didn’t but anyways, Frank was bit. I was hoping that it would be the same way with Ellie’s bite but I didn’t get a chance to see that happen. When we stopped by a house to get a truck that had a battery in it we also stopped to gather some supplies. I picked up some ammo and some tools that would help me. Before Ellie had started the truck I went back in the house to gather Frank and his neck was in a noose. He didn’t give me a chance to stop him. ”Mercy upon you.” he breathed. After stating his last words he jumped off the stool.

You might be thinking “Why didn’t you just cut the rope?” Even if I had cut the rope he would have still died either way. He was infected and didn’t want to turn and there's no way to get rid of an infected bite. Once you're bit, it’s over. There’s no antidote or anything. All of the hospitals were wrecked during the explosion. If there was a way to bring all 3 of them back I would. Sadly, that's not possible. Now I walk this lonely road with a kid. She’s a little bit of a good use but I’m afraid that I’ll lose her too. Hopefully she gets older by my side. I hope she doesn’t die before I do.

“They seemed to never end”

-We Are Here To Stay

“Mercy upon you,” he breathed.

-Words On Fire

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