The Hidden

The Hidden

It is the year 3040, about 15 years ago ,the flame, a meteorite that hit the earth causing an unstable balance of power, came to life. 

Scene switches to 3025-

The earth was already unstable, world leaders started gaining power, South Korea being the strongest. South Korea had already invested billions of dollars into one machine, the bomb. This machine was not any typical bomb, it was the strongest and deadliest . It bombed so many places that by the time it ran out of battery, half of the world was left poor. Because of this, the earth was split in two, the rich on one side and the poor on another. The rich lived in luxury, had the best crops and vegetation and were well advanced. The poor on the other hand were starved and skinny.Their crops were dead and so were their hopes. That was until The Flame arrived, a meteorite the size of an empire arrived. It hit the earth right in the middle of the two sides, the rich were prepared for this but the poor, well they weren’t. Once all the debris stopped, the rich started seeing on the other side. They were shocked to see it completely green.

It turned out that the meteorite had healing powers, it healed the sick , the crops, and the whole other side of the planet. Eventually , the people awoke and well, were different.They had necklaces and a strange tattoo on their chest. Not only did the meteorite have healing powers, but it possessed other powers. Powers that were only capable of existing in books. After that, the poor became powerful, more powerful than the rich. The poor were now called the hidden mostly because you couldn’t see them. They glowed at night and became one of a kind. The hidden built a wall that surrounded their part of the world , this ended the injustice from the rich, or did it?

Scene shifts to 3045-

It is now 3045, 30 years have passed since the hidden started their world. The hidden chose leaders, the most powerful out of all, Kai and Skylar. Kai and Skylar gained the ability to have all the powers in the world. Their animals were wolves, meaning they were leaders. They had two daughters, Nova the oldest and Moon the youngest. Nova and Moon both had lions, reigns to the throne. After their parents died , Nova took her place in the throne.

And well, that's the story of how we became “The hidden.” . “ Come on kids, your parents must be  waiting for you.”  “ But , please “ “ Nope” Moon heard a voice behind her. Moon turned around and threw a sigh of relief. “ Nova, hello my queen.” “ I told you , you can call me sis. “ Okay, I just sometimes forget you're my sister.” “ Ouch, well anyways, we are welcoming the newbies. God I hate this day.” Oh right, I forgot to tell you, every year on July 2, we welcome the Outcasts. These are people who have the same effect as the Hidden but they kicked in afterwards.

“ Well, we better hurry up, we don’t want to be late.” As Nova and Moon walked past to get to the wall, everybody bows down. Ever since Nova became queen, she has been the strongest leader of all. She has kept the criminal rate down and has stopped attacks from North Korea from occurring.  THe first hiddens that were found in the rich were transported to the fortress, instead of calling them Hiddens, we decided to call them The Silent because most of the time , they break rules and end up executed, you know, silent forever.

Setting-Other side of the world. (rich)

“ I literally can not wait, I have been waiting for this day.” “ Be quiet Felix, we know you know everything about this part of the world.” “ Well, it's not my problem, everyone is scared and bored like you Ajay.” “ Be quiet guys,the door is opening.” Since our worlds were separated, we had to make a door so people could come into the forest, but never come out. “ ooooh, can’t wait.” As the doors were opening, a hand entered and grabbed the group. Once the group entered the Fortress, guards immediately closed the door and locked it. The group was dropped to the ground and surrounded by guards. “ We are finally here.” “ Be quite Felix, we don’t want to lose first impressions.” “ Guys, be quiet, we don’t have time for this.” “ SILENCE.” “ WHo is that?” “ It seems there are 4 of you, Felix, son of John, Beatrice, daughter of Linda, Heidi, daughter of Adrian and Ajay, son of…….” As Nova read, she stopped, they had the son of a devil in here. Ajay was the son of Leo, destructor and killer of Nova and Moons parents. Before the sister had a memory, their parents were brutally killed by Leo. The parents had something Leo wanted, their power. Eventually he grew tired of waiting and sent someone in the fortress to kill them. They succeeded but before they could take their necklace, which holds all their power, the killer was killed. He then was burned, taking all of his sins with him.

“Ajay, you are the son of Leo.” said Nova “ Yes madam, and who might you be, my next girlfriend perhaps?” “ Nope, your killer.” “ What?” “ Your father killed my parents“ umm Ajay "" Uuh, what do you want Felix.” “ The girl you are talking to is Nova, leader and queen of the Hidden.” “ oop” “ “ Nova?” “ Yes moon, what do you want?” “ You haven’t called one.” “ And who might that be?” “ Heidi” “ Oh my, I almost forgot, hello Heidi, you seem to be a quiet one.” “ Yes ma’m, “ “ Oh please darling, call me Nova” “ Why , yes ma’m” As the group and the sisters were walking by, Moonlight appeared. “ Well hello my little baby, “ Moonlight is Nova’s pet” “ She is not a pet Moon.” “ Well isn’t she pretty” “ Yes, Ajay, no wonder you call her moonlight, she’s just as beautiful as you.” “ Nova, calm down, he is just joking.” Moon in her mind: “ Does everybody have to like Nova? What about me? I am pretty too, aren’t I?” As they passed areas , Nova explained how they were going to be divided. “There are 5 areas here, the Water division, where all the shapeshifting hiddens are. Most of the powers found here deal with some type of water. The earth division, where all the shapeshifting hiddens are. Any type of category here shapeshifts with the animal printed on its chest.The earth division is where most power deals with earth.The fire division , where the people here transform into magical fire beings. The air division, all the hiddens can either fly or grow wings. “ “ Waiiit.” “ What do you want Feliz?” “ Sooo, since you sister and you are like the ones who hold all the power. “ Moving on, this is the most powerful division, the mythical division. This division is where all mythical and magical hiddens are. The shapeshift with the supposed animal and they have powers which belong to the creature. Also , one more thing, when you get your tattoo and necklace, don’t touch the middle part of either. We had a person do that and they died, they collapsed.The last thing seen before he died was a shine.”

Now, you will be taken to the chosen room, where you will be chosen by your necklace. “ Excuse me, did I hear right, a necklace will choose me.” “ Yes, it will choose you and depending on what you get is where you will be.” “ umm , ma’m” “ Yes, Felix, what do you want?” “ Soo, don’t you think this is going to take a lot of time.Yes , so lets start.” As they enter the chosen room, 4 necklaces awake, an earth necklace that chooses Felix, a water necklace that chooses Beatrice , a Fire one that chooses Heidi and a mythical one that chooses Ajay. As they turn around, they see that Ajay has a dragon symbol, one of the rarest and most dangerous ones. “ Well, Ajay, because of your necklace, you out of all three would have the hardest training. 

“Well, Lets begin “ As the days passed , everything became easier. Even though Heidi had a lot of questions for personal things, they still trained her. “ umm, Nova” “ yes, heidi” “ How did your parents die” “ In a war” “ Oh, did they kill anyone” “ Are you assuming my parents are murderers?” “ yes” “ HEIDI STOP WITH THESE QUESTIONS THEY ARE TOO PERSONAL!!!!” Of course, Nova had scared Heidi, she went about the house as usual, but as might be expected, fled in extreme horror at her approach.    A few months later:

Ajay’s perspective in his mind: As the days passed, I noticed how each person treated me differently. Some nice, others in between some even in between. I wanted to tell Nova what I had seen in her room. I had seen Heidi, hovering over her, looking and telling her something. She saw me and ran away. I yelled for her “ hey, Wait up!! I shouted, but I guess she didn’t hear me because she disappeared behind the hedge of soot- sainted shrubs without so much as a backward glance. I have been thinking about what it meant, why was she in there?  What does she want and what does she plan to do? I knew Nova wouldn’t want me near but I have to tell her.

“ Hey, wake up, it's the day of graduation.” “ Right, thank you Beatrice” “ Oh, and put on your best clothes, that’s what Nova said.” “ Hmm, my best clothes, will I be able to impress her?” “ Well, it's worth trying, and next time, try thinking in your head.” “ oop” 

Beatrice in her mind: ever since we have arrived, all Ajay wants to do is impress Nova like have you seen Moon, she is very pretty. I would tell her I like her but she doesn't seem to be interested in me. All my life, I have been a no one, now that I am here I am known.  I love it here, but I don’t think this is going to last long. I saw Heidi talking to someone behind the wall, I was going to step closer but the branch. I stepped on it and made noise and I scared her off. 

On the other side of the wall:

She has been loyal, we will attack TODAY!!  WE HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS DAY TO COME!!  WE WILL TAKE WHAT IS OURS!!!” Umm sir "" Yes , John "" My son, he is umm, well on the other side.” “ I am quite aware of that , and so is my son, yet I don’t care so if you don’t release the pigment , I will kill you, we will attack at midnight.” Just as they released the blue dye, a pigment that would kill them all, they start noticing that there wasn’t any light. Where were the hiddens?

A few hours earlier : NOVA!! “ Yes Ajay” “ I need to tell you something” “ If you are going to flirt with me , this will be the last time.I will kILL YOU!!!” “ No, umm, I saw Heidi” “ Okay???” “ Talking to someone behind the wall….” “....” “ WHAT!!” “ Yeah, I wanted to tell you but you would have gotten annoyed.” “ SHE is WITH LEO!!!” “ My dad” “ naw man, your mom, OF COURSE YOUR DAD!!” “ I need you to do me a favor, fly to the other side of the wall and find out what they are doing. Ooh, and shapeshift.” “ Umm, okay,”  Ajay shapeshifts into a worker and flies all the way to the rich side. When he arrives he hears their plan “ She has been loyal, we will attack TODAY!!  WE HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS DAY TO COME!!  WE WILL TAKE WHAT IS OURS!!!” Umm sir "" Yes , John "" My son, he is umm, well on the other side.” “ I am quite aware of that , and so is my son, yet I don’t care so if you don’t release the pigment , I will kill you, we will attack at midnight.” “ What, he doesn't care about me?” Ajay flies back and informs Nova, “ well, they are going to attack at midnight and they are releasing a dye that will KILL US!!” “ Good thing we have respirator masks.” “ Okay, Ajay , give everybody one , if we run out, call the underwater so they can make a shield.” “ Okay” As they released the pigment, everybody was hiding , but something unexpected happened. Just as the pigment was calming down, they heard a loud BANG!!!! The wall was brought down. “ NOVA, You WILL PAY FOR KILLING MY PARENTS” “ HEIdi, that’s you” “ COme one ,grab your weapons, get ready to give your all. Moon was speechless, the shy girl became the villain.Both of the teams were in the battlefield, the Hiddens and the Rich. Just as they were about to fight, Moon notices a big wormhole opening, out of that hole comes two people. They are big and mighty, it seems they are the gods Nyx and Zeus, they are FIGHTING!! “ You forgot about us, you raped Medusa, you forget about your FAMILY!! Just as Nyx was going to give the final blow, everyone and everything collapsed. Everything and everyone didn’t move, they stayed still, everything went still.

On a planet Earth: “ Sir, someone made an error with the planets. It caused them to collide with each other. “ Well, we can’t fix it anymore, they know too much.” “ Okay “ A voice on a tv” welcome to planet Earth, where all the fun takes place.``

What was this place? Well, this place is the REAL Earth, the hiddens and gods on the other planets were experiments gone wrong, AI Robots to be exact. About 70 years ago, Bob Link had created the first AI robot,they then created millions of them, but then , they all malfunctioned. They created planets, which made homes for the robots. They turned them on, made them think what they were living was real. They had controlled them so they didn't regain their memory. But when one of the hiddens found out their secret, they forced him to press the button in his chest. All this was an experiment, nothing is real. Everyone and everything is a robot who gains consciousness. Everything except the things on planet Earth. To this day, nothing has been turned on, nothing has moved, nothing but the people on planet Earth.

                             The End

Sentence 1: she went about the house as usual, but as might be expected, fled in extreme horror at her approach.

Sentence 2: She saw me and ran away. I yelled for her “ hey, Wait up!! I shouted, but I guess she didn’t hear me because she disappeared behind the hedge of soot- sainted shrubs without so much as a backward glance

Sentences from “Tales of Mystery and Madness” and “Charlie Hernandez and “The League of Shadows”

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