Golden Wings

Golden Wings   

One day in Goodcity, Where the goodest out of the good People lived at, With Wings! But there was Anna, The Goodest person in Goodcity. Who hasn't Gotten her wings yet. Anna said, ” I hope I get my wings soon, If I don’t I’ll have to go down to…BadCity, I can’t go there! I just can’t.” Noami said,” Don’t worry you’ll get your wings soon.” Anna said, “ I hope, it's been 10 years, and I'm 17. Still without any wings.” Noami said,” Chill, You have 10 more days until your birthday !!!” Anna said,” And that means 10 more days for me to get my wings.” Noami -sighs- Anna said,'' Anyway I have to help my Grandmother with unpacking, See ya Noami!” Noami said,” Oh ok, Talk to you later Anna.” -Anna goes to her grandmother's house- Anna said,” Grandma I'm here to help you unpack, Hello grandmother?” Grandmother said,” Hello Anna!”Anna said,” Ah! You scared me!Grandmother said,” oh sorry Honey, I’m so happy you're here to help me unpack, there are some boxes upstairs, you can unpack them. I’ll be downstairs baking your favorite rainbow cookies!” Anna said , “ Thanks Grandmother, Call my name out when the cookies are done.” - Anna goes upstairs ,and goes to the first she sees and starts to unpack the boxes, and put paintings on the wall. Then she sees a mini box and picks it up - Anna said, “ Hm, What’s this?” - Anna then opens the mini box, and looks inside of it. And gets sucked up in the box - Anna said, Whoa! What's happening? The mini box falls with Anna inside of it - Grandmother said , “ Honey!, Anna! Your favorite cookies are done!” - Anna looks down to see her falling out the sky. She then starts to scream - Anna screaming while she is falling, “AHHHHH!!!”  - Anna gets close to the floor, as she gets close she falls on trash bags, and trash - Anna said,” What is this place? - As she gets up from the trash and looks around - Anna says,” Woah! This place is so colorful.” - Anna starts to walk away from the trash until she reaches a road and looks around the place she is at, and sees cars and building that are red, blue, brown, gray, white, black, dark blue, dark red, gold, dark green, sliver , dark gray, some are dark pink with gold added to the dark pink. - Anna says,” Woah! What are these? - She then starts to go up to a car, and the car stops in front of her honking at her for her to move. - The  Person in the car begins  yelling, “GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!” Anna says, “ Oh excuse me, but do you know where i am? “ The person in the car says, “ You're in korean! NOW MOVE!!!” Anna then says, Thank you sir or ma’am? - Anna then moves away as the car speeds by her -  Anna says,” what is korean? Anyway I need a way out of this place, and go back home!” - Anna goes to the nearest store she can go to and goes inside - Anna says,” Hello? Anyone here?” Random girl says as she bows down and come back up smiling,” 안녕하세요 내 가게에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 무엇이든 물어보세요!( Hello, welcome to my store! If you need any help, ask me!)” Anna says,” oh, can you speak english?

Random girl says,” 아 죄송합니다 안합니다( Oh sorry i don't) , Just kidding I do need any help?” Anna says,” Yes I need a lot of help, I'm not from this place!” Random Girl Says,” Oh? Where are you from? And how did you get here???” Anna says,” I'm from goodcity, and I got here by a mini box? I don't understand how but I just did.” Random Girls says,” Oh it's you. Come this way!” Anna says,”What?” Random girl says,” follow me, Anna” Anna says as she is following the random girl,” How do you know my name?!I don't even know you?” Random girl says” You may not know me, but I know you. 신은 전설입니다!(  you are a legend! )” Anna says,” What do you mean?” - Anna follows the Random girl to the back of the store, and goes inside a back room. To see korean posters of her all over the ways and flags with her name in it” New legend! Anna is coming!”- Anna says as she looks around the room,” Why are there posters of me and my name on?” Random girl says,” I have been waiting on for years to come here, My name is 수호!( su-ho: means guardian in korean ) And I will be your guardian, for as long as you are here!” Anna says confused,” What? My guardian? Why?” 수호 says,” Do you not know? You're the only one without wings! You're special to Koreans. You protect this town just like your mother did and your grandmother.” Anna says,” What?My mom? I've never seen My mom, and  My grandmother has wings though?” 수호 says while bowing to anna,” Your Grandmother and Your mom have, gotten their wings by protecting this town! And now it's your turn to protect this town until everything is fine again.” Anna says,” What is wrong with this town, It doesn't seem like there is anything messing, nor wrong? 수호 says ,” It may seem like nothing is wrong, but everything is wrong with this town. They don’t believe There is a legend for this town anymore, so everybody is causing damage to the earth without realizing they are.” Anna says,” So, How can I help with that solution?” 수호 says while looking at Anna, “ You need to prove to everybody that there is a legend! There has been a demon messing with this town, taking people's souls, going into people , and making them do bad things.” Anna says,” Well, I don't know. I don't even know korean! And How am I supposed to get rid of a demon, or fight them? I can't even fight if I depended on it!” 수호 says,” Like I said, I will be your guardian for the whole thing. I can teach you Korean, and how to fight.” Anna says,” Do you really think I can fight a demon and learn how to even fight!?!” 수호  says ,” I don't hope you can.. I know you can. Now we need to get on fighting lesson, So what do you say?” Anna says while looking back at 수호 smiling,” Let's do it! How well this work?” 수호  says while smiling back,” First i'll teach you korean then fighting c’mon let's go to a place more comfy so I can teach it to you” Anna says,” Oh, ok lets go!” - 수호 grabs Anna hand and teleports to library -  Anna says in confused,” Woah how did you did that?” 수호  says quietly,” shh be quiet. I'm not human. I was only sent here for you and to help you with your mission with the demon. Now let's get some books and learn Korean.” Anna says ,” hm, ok.” - 수호  teleports books in her hands and goes to a table, and Anna follows her, 2 hours later with trying to learn korean - 수호  says,” quick quiz, what does 이봐! 그만 means?” Anna says quickly,” It means hey! Stop that.” 수호 says,” that was… Correct! You're learning pretty fast! Only a couple more words and you will know korean.” Anna says,” Wow that was fast, well lets keep going then!” - 1 more hour passed by, and now Anna knows Korean - Anna says,” 잘 쉬웠어!( That was easy!)” 수호 says,” Yeah that was fast, and easy.  Let's take a break, we can eat some snacks at my store.” Anna says,” oh ok lets go, Can we walk this time.” 수호  says,” oh sure’ - Anna and 수호, puts the books back. And starts to walk out the library, to 수호 store as they are walking they see a person fingers start twitching. As the person back pops and starts to run to people. The person begins to start biting another person pulling their skin off and eating it. The other person's finger starts to twitch , and legs and back pops. And both of them start to run to other people biting them and turning them into them. - Anna says ,” What's going on?” 수호 says looking around,” Woah, I don't know. They look like.. Zombies!”  - 수호 grabs Anna arm and teleports back to her store, and locks the door and garbs desks and covers up the door. - Anna says in confusion,” Zombies!? What do you mean? Does this happen all the time or something?” 수호  says,” No, I've never seen anything like this! It is very good we are at my store. We have enough food for about a month!” Anna says,” Wait. But there are other people out there, and kids! We have to help all of them!” 수호 says,” We can’t do that, especially with Zombies going around town, this must be from that demon.” Anna says,” We have to, there's millions of people that we can save, and why would a demon do all this?”수호 says,” It's a demon. What do you expect?” Anna says,” I know it's a demon, but why would it do all this? This town must have done something to the demon for it to do all of this!” 수호 says,” I don't know, but this town really needs help, but anyway. Do you know how to make your wings come out?” Anna says sadly,” No Not yet, I dont even if I even got wing” 수호 says,” 이 난장판에서 어떻게 빠져나갈 수 있을까요!?( How are we going to get out of this mess!? )” Anna says,” 잘 모르겠지만 이 좀비들로부터 사람들을 구해야 한다는 건 압니다!” ( I don't know, but I know I have to save people from these zombies! ) 수호  says,” How are you going to do that? You can't get out your wings, and you don't know how to fight at all.” Anna says,” I don't know but I am! First I need some weapons, Do you have any?” 수호  says,” Yeah I do , I'm always prepared for anything, the weapons are in the boxes by the chips and candy, that says 사탕과 칩(열지 마세요, 감사합니다) ( Candy and chips (don't open, thank you )” Anna says,” Thanks, I'm going out to look for people and bring them back here to safety.Im going alone” 수호 says,” Are You sure you want to go alone, 나는 당신과 함께 갈 수 있습니다.( I can come with you.)” Anna says while grabbing weapons,” Yes I'll be Fine, and you don't have to come with me. I have weapons. And if you had to come somebody has to stay back to open the doors and make sure not any zombies come in here.”  수호 says looking outside,” That is true, Somebody would have to stay back i guess. Be careful , 조심하세요. 악마와 좀비로부터 이 마을을 구할 수 있는 사람은 당신뿐입니다!( Please be careful , you're the only one who can save this town from demons and zombies! )” Anna says,” 날 믿어 ( Trust me ) I will be careful.” - Anna gets a weapon and puts her pockets and holds one, she gets ready and stands next to the door looking outside. Watching zombies go by the door. - Anna says,” Well I’m about to go out, I'll come back when I find somebody. Or I run out of weapons, or both happen.”수호 says,” Ok I'll listen up, and watch out for you, Good luck.” - 수호 moves the desk and opens the door, and Anna goes out, Anna walks quietly, and looks around to see half of everybody is a zombie. Anna walks behind a car and gets out a weapon and starts to defeat zombies. Anna sees a girl and pushes her out of the way so she doesn't get bitten, as she does that she cuts the zombie head off, and grabs the girl ,and runs back behind the car. - Girl says while crying,” 엄마를 원해 .( I want my mama. )” Anna says while looking out for zombies,” 엄마 어디 계시 니? ( where is your mom? )” - girl points at a women zombie - Anna says,” 미안하지만 그녀의 엄마는 좀비입니다. ( Sorry to tell you but your mom is a zombie. ) Girl says crying,” 뭐! 아니 엄마를 원해!!! ( What! No I want my mommy!!! )” Anna says grabbing the girl,” 날 따라와, 안전하게 데려다줄게.( C'mon follow me, ill get you to safety. ) Girls says,” 오-오케이 ( O-ok )” - Anna puts the girl on her back and runs back to the store, when she gets to to the store she goes inside. And puts the girl down and helps 수호 move back the desks in front of the door - 수호 says,” Hello little girl do you speak english? 아니면 한국어? ( or korean ? )” Girl says,” I speak both ma’am!” 수호 says,” oh ok we both speak the same the way you speak. Anna, did you see anyone else” Anna says,” Only her, but I couldn't search clearly because zombies were after me and I had only seen her. There's more people out there I know, it can just be her ima go back out there in a couple of minutes.” 수호  says,” Oh ok, There must be more people out there I can go right now and get them all and be back in 10 minutes.” Anna says,” Hm, Ok I'll take care of the girl while you're gone.” 수호 says,” ok, i'll just teleport be right back.” - 수호 teleports and Anna Gives the girl a drink and a snack. 수호 teleports back with 20 people. - 수호  say,” Back there was more it was way to many zombies for me to get them all so i got everyone i could got.” Anna says,” Woah, that's a lot of people, and there is still more wow.” 수호 says, i'll be right back.” - 수호  teleports, and Anna talks with everybody and gives them snacks and Drinks. 수호  comes back with 37 more people. - 수호  says,” That's all The people I could find before a whole batch of zombies was coming after me.” Anna says,” Well that's a lot, now we need to get rid of those zombies before it too late.” 수호  says will giving everybody a snack and something to drink,” Everybody this is anna our protect she will take care of this zombie curse, for people who don't speak english and only speak Korean.여러분 이것은 우리의 보호 안나입니다. 그녀는 이 좀비 저주를 돌볼 것입니다.” Anna says,” How am I going to take care of all of these zombies, some of these zombies are kids' parents, and grandparents!”  수호 says,” All we have to do is find which body the demon is in so we can take that demon out of that body and send it back where it came from. See we got this, or should I say you got this Anna!” Anna says,'' Fine, I will Try my best to get that demon. What body did the demon go in first, that person in front of us when we were walking back to your store. That person started this all. The demon must be in that person's body, now we have to find that body.”수호  says,” Wow, you thought that fast we do need to find that person i'll come with you so we can find the body faster.” Anna says,” ok.” -  수호 tells everybody they well be right back, and grabs anna arm and teleports to the zombies. Anna and  수호 looks around the crowd of zombies for the one person ,and finds the person -  Anna points at the person and says quietly,” There the person go, It's a.. Women? Wait, That's the little girl mom!”  수호 says while looking at the women,” 자, 이제 우리는 그녀를 데리고 그 악마를 그곳에서 내보내야 합니다.( Well, now we have to take her and get that demon out of there. )” Anna says,” How are we going to get her, and the demon out?” 수호 says,”Im sorry, but we Is going to have to slice the women head off, and light it on fire.” Anna says,” WHAT! We can't do that! That is her mother!우리는 할 수 없어, 우리는 그 사랑스러운 어린 소녀에게 그렇게 할 수 없어 ( We can't, we just can't do that to that sweet little girl )수호  says,” shhhh, be quiet, and yes we are going to have to do this to save korean.” Anna says quietly,” Im sorry, but we can not just cut her head and light it on fire, this is the little girl's mother we are talking about, we can't do this to that sweet little girl.” 수호  says,” We have to! If we dont korean will stay like this until everybody turns into a zombie.” Anna says sadly,” ok,ok lets do it then, so how are we going to get that women, and cut her head off? 수호 says, we can just run up on her and cut her head off?” Anna says,” 당연히 할 것 같은데…( Sure I guess I'll do it… )” - Anna grabs a knife from her back pocket and cuts the women head open, and grabs the head and goes back to 수호 - Anna says,” There I have the head now I need a lighter.” 수호 says,” Here” -  수호 Hands Anna a Lighter -  Anna says,” Thank you” - Anna gets Lighter and Sits the head on fire, while she does that she feels something on her back. And the  body disappears - 수호 says,” Anna! You have … golden wings!!!” Anna says,” What do you mean?” - Anna turns back to see golden wings - Anna says,” Woah! Does that mean Koreans is good, and protected?” 수호 says,” Yes you are right, until next time, goodbye Anna.” - Anna gets teleported back to goodcity with golden wings. Everybody with wings started to look at Anna shocked, everyone whispers - Anna  says,” Uhhh, Is everything ok?” Noami says,” Woah! Your Wings are Gold!!!” Anna says,” I know it's very.. Weird” Noami says,” Weird? It's cool!! And pretty, your wings are Golden! You must be special!!” Anna says,” I guess, Ima try to fly to my grandmother's house.” Noami says,” Oh Ok See Ya Anna.” - Anna flys to her grandmother house and knock on door and her grandmother opens the door and she is surprised - Grandmother says,” 한국에 가셨군요.. ( you been to korean.. ) You look just like your mother, when she first got her wings.`` Anna says,” I do?” Grandmother says ,” Yes you really do. Come in come in I was just making some tea, tell me how you got your wings. They are so pretty golden!.” 

The End Of Golden Wing.

Whoa! What's happening?” (Book: Death and Sparkles)

Oh excuse me.”  Book Just Pretend)

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