Dollhouse Mystery

The Dollhouse Mystery


There once was a girl named Lucy who has lived in the orphanage her whole life. Lucy has beautiful long, midnight black hair with a white streak in the front, and she has a small pale face with beautiful rosy cheeks and Lucy is blind out of her left eye. Lucy has seen a lot of kids get adopted but no one has ever come close enough to even try and adopt her. One day the warden told her some very exciting news. “Lucy, you have a visitor!” said a loud voice on the intercom. Lucy excitedly ran down the stairs to see who had wanted to see her.

 “Lucy the lovely couple decided they wanted to adopt you!” said the warrant cheerfully. Standing by the doorway in the warrant's office were some tall, pale, gothic adults waiting on the arrival of Lucy. “Where’s the lovely couple that you were talking about Mrs. Sandra?” Lucy said, confused. “Oh, don’t be silly, they are right there in front of you! They would like to adopt you!” said Mrs. Sandra. “Oh, honey please don’t be like that! We would like to TRY to be your parents!” said the tall lady. The tall pale man beside the woman just looked and nodded. “I will have to decline your offer; I don’t want to go with you!” said Lucy. “Lucy this is probably going to be your only chance of being adopted so you really don’t have a choice!” said Mrs. Sandra disappointed. “Fine I'll go with you but don’t think I will be happy!” said Lucy unsettled.

 Lucy then left the warrants office and went up to her room to pack up her bags. “I can’t believe this! The one time someone wants to adopt me they end up being a creepy weird couple who probably feed on human souls!” said Lucy in disbelief and anger. “Honey, hurry up, the driver is waiting outside!” called the creepy lady from downstairs. “Don’t call me honey, call me Lucy and I’m coming!” said Lucy, annoyed running down the stairs.

 The “family” then went outside and got in their hearse like car and drove off. “Isn’t she so beautiful?” whispered the man to his wife. “Yes, she is, but don’t get attached to her, you already know the plan!” whispered the woman to the man. “You know that you are basically kidnapping me, and kidnapping is illegal, do you want to go to jail?” said Lucy with a stern tone in her voice. “Honey please don’t be like that! Please give us a chance to try to be a happy family!” said the woman, upset. “WE will never be a family nor be happy! Got me?” said Lucy rudely. The silence rang with shock and dismay. “Ok, whatever you say dear,” said the woman. 

The car was silent the whole car ride home. When they finally got to their destination they pulled up in the driveway of a giant, black, old house. “Dear, can you go and get Lucy’s bags out of the trunk?” asked the woman. “Of course, honey!” said the man to his wife while kissing her ring. “I’m going to be sick!” said Lucy to herself.

 The “family” went inside the house and the lady guided Lucy to her room. Lucy walked into a very gloomy room with a giant window seat. “Wow, I’m not sleeping in this depressing room, at least there’s a window seat” said Lucy disappointed. Once Lucy put down her bags, she saw something really cool on her bed.  “What’s this? A dollhouse!?” said Lucy, picking up the dollhouse that sat on her bed. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DON’T TOUCH THAT!!” said the lady standing in Lucy’s doorway. “Firstly, DON’T SNEAK UP ON PEOPLE LIKE THAT! Secondly, WHY LEAVE IT ON MY BED IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO TOUCH IT?!!” screamed Lucy. “You know what, I’ve tried my hardest to be nice to you ALL DAY, but you are just so disrespectful, you know what, you don’t get any food for dinner!” said the woman. “You can’t do that to me you psycho!” shouted Lucy in anger. The woman slammed the door and stomped out of the room. Lucy then looked into the dollhouse and saw a little version of her looking directly at her scared. Fifteen minutes later, Lucy’s stomach began to rumble extremely loud, so she crept down the stairs to go into the kitchen to get a snack anyways and that’s when she overheard a conversation between the two adults.

 "Quella ragazza, Lucy, non ce la farà a lungo, la faremo partire entro la prossima settimana!” (that girl Lucy won’t be around for long, we’ll have her gone by next week) said the woman laughing. Lucy stood terrified in the hallway listening to what they said, because she never told them that she spoke Italian as her first language. “OMG, THESE CRAZY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO KILL ME!!” whispered Lucy terrified. Lucy then ran upstairs to pack her stuff so she could run back to the orphanage. “Where are you running off to?” asked the woman. “Anywhere from here!” screamed Lucy. “I don’t think so,” said the woman while she dragged Lucy to her room and locked the door from the outside. “LET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!” screamed Lucy. Lucy slept the night away in her room, crying that she had to live with such horrible people. “Time to go to school honey, I’m sorry about yesterday by the way.” said the woman in a sorrowful voice. “I’m going to school?” asked Lucy. “Yes, you need to.” said the woman. “Well fine, but I don’t forgive you!” said Lucy. “Your uniform is in the closet,” said the woman. Lucy said OK and put on her outfit and she overheard another conversation between the adults. “This little girl is getting very annoying, I feel as if she knows what we are planning,” said the man. “That’s not possible, she is too stupid to understand, just follow everything that I said,” replied the woman. The driver drove Lucy to her school and Lucy saw that there were a lot of students at the school. 

Lucy walked through the corridor very confused and then she bumped into the school’s “Queen Bee”. “Hey you! Watch where you’re going because you just ruined my new bag!” said the girl in anger. “I’m so sorry for bumping into you, I really didn’t mean to!” said Lucy. “It’s ok, just watch where you’re going, because I won’t be so nice next time!” said the girl. “Ok?” said Lucy sarcastically. Lucy walked away and tried not to encounter the girl again that day. Hours later school was dismissed and Lucy started walking home.

 “Hey! You! WAIT!” screamed a voice from behind Lucy. Lucy turned around to see who was behind her, and she saw a girl in the same uniform as her running up to her. “Hi? Who are you?” Lucy asked the girl. “I’m Samantha but you can call me Sammy, and I just wanted to tell you not to take this route!” said Samantha. “Why not?” asked Lucy. “Because it leads you somewhere very dark, mysterious, and dangerous!” said Sammy. “How do you know that?” asked Lucy. “I’ve seen it myself, I didn’t listen and walked down here and almost died!” exclaimed Sammy. “Ok then. Well take me down a safe path!” said Lucy. Sammy then led Lucy down the safer path and the two girls realized that they lived right next to each other. “Well thank you for walking me home, I guess we’re friends now?” said Lucy. “I guess so! See you tomorrow!” said Sammy as she went home.

 “Well, it’s time to deal with this craziness!” thought Lucy with a sigh. “Welcome home honey!” said the woman with her arms open. “Yeah, and you know after one day of living here I still haven’t gotten your names.” said Lucy sarcastically. “OH! How very rude of me! We are Mrs. and Mr. Felix or you can call us mom and dad!” said Mrs. Felix. “Definitely not calling you guys mom and dad, more like parental guardians.” said Lucy as she walked up the stairs. Once Lucy entered her room, she heard a faint voice coming from the closet. “Hello? Miss? Are you there?” said what sounded like a little kid’s voice. 

Lucy grabbed her water bottle, and approached the closet ready to swing. Lucy grabbed the door handle, slowly opened the door, and peaked through and saw three transparent kids floating in the closet looking at her. “Hello Miss! Ok you need to listen to us.” said the smallest ghost. Before Lucy could scream, the biggest ghost kids stuffed a sock in her mouth. “Please don’t cause a scene! We are here to help you escape!” said the biggest ghost.

 “WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHY? HOW?” said Lucy. “We are the three ghost children that the lady has trapped here in this dreadful world.” started the biggest ghost. “I am Liliana, the second biggest ghost is Laila, and the smallest one is Laura.” said Liliana. “So let me get this straight, that lady that’s downstairs making dinner has trapped you here in this world?” asked Lucy. “Yes, and it’s only up to you to save us and defeat her! So, you see, the lady (whose name is Maridith) once used to live with her old husband a long time ago, she then found out that they were going to be parents and have a beautiful baby girl. They were over the moon about this news and promised that they would be the best parents ever. But unfortunately, after she had the baby girl, she found out that her husband never really loved her, but was only using her for her father’s money, out of the anger in her soul, she then threw herself and her baby off the balcony, ending both of them that day. Once Maridith died, she came back to Earth as a horrible creature. She might look like a sweet lady now, but at night she turns into this beast when she wants to. She is deceiving you and we need you to defeat her and find our hearts and free us.” said Liliana. “Wow! That’s a lot to take in! But I promise you three that I will find your hearts, and return them back to you and defeat her once and for all!”

 said Lucy. 

“Thank you, ma’am! Your generosity will forever be cherished!” said Laura. “So, what are my instructions for my task?” asked Lucy. “You will need to go to Mrs. Garnier’s antique shop and ask her for the ‘Soul Finder,’ she’ll know what you’re talking about and give it to you immediately. It will look like a magnifying glass, but once you look through it, you will see a whole other version of the world. Once you have the Soul Finder, you will need to go to the flower shop across the street and get a shovel and dig up Maridith’s grave. There will be a net in her hands that you need to grab. It’s a very special net that allows you to catch your souls.” said Liliana “Once you get all that equipment, get the Soul Finder and use it on the wall at the foot of Mrs. Meredith’s bed. You will see a red glowing button and once you press that button a water fountain will appear in front of you, and once you take a sip of water you will begin to shrink. When you have shrunken, you need to go to the dollhouse and look around and find our souls. Only then will we be free from the evil curse.” explained Liliana.  

“That’s a lot to take in, but I promise you that I will save your souls, you three! Quick question, can I get help from a friend?” asked Lucy. “Anything to help you but please do hurry, you only have until tomorrow night Miss!” said Laura. “I know just who I need on this mission,” said Lucy. Lucy walked over next door to Sammy’s house to see if she could help her on this mission. “Who is it?” said Sammy behind the door. “Sammy, can you please come out here?!” said Lucy. “Yeah,” said Sammy, opening up the door and walking outside. 

“What’s up?” asked Sammy. Lucy then began to fill Sammy in on what the ghost children told her. “Wow! That’s crazy, but yeah, I can help you!” said Sammy. “Ok first we need to go to the antique shop downtown to get the Soul Finder,” said Lucy. The two girls got on their bikes, and rode down to the antique shop. ‘RING!’ went the bell on the door as the girls walked in. “How may I help you?” asked an old voice behind the counter. “One Soul Finder please!” said Lucy. The woman had a horrified look on her face. “Coming up, dear.” said the scared old lady. The old lady gave the girls the Soul Finder, and told them good-bye as the girls walked away. “Yes! We have one object!” said Lucy excitedly. “Now we need to go get the shovel and net!” said Sammy.

 The two girls went over to the flower shop and purchased a shovel so they could dig up the lady’s grave. “This feels very wrong,” said Sammy, scared. “Do you want to help three children flee this world?” asked Lucy. “I do, I really do! But digging up people's graves is a crime, and I’m not trying to go to jail!” started Sammy. “I mean how do I know that you aren’t just making this up? And besides, you didn’t see her, and you didn’t hear her jump off the balcony, so how do you know that those children are telling the truth, and not trying to trick you?” asked Sammy. “I just have a gut feeling like we need to help them for a reason!” exclaimed Lucy. The two girls confirmed their decision in digging up the women’s grave. After a lot of digging, they finally finished digging up the grave, and they saw the net that they were looking for. “Perfect! The net!” said Lucy excitedly. “Okay, grab the net and let's bury this lady back up before we get caught!” said Sammy. The girls grabbed the net that they would need on their mission, and went back to Lucy’s house to start the mission. “Okay, here’s the plan! We’re going to sneak inside, go to the lady’s room, drink the water, and get those souls! Are you ready?” exclaimed Lucy. “Ready as I'll ever be!” said Sammy. 

The girls snuck into the house undetected and successfully broke into the lady’s room. “Now that we’re in, I need to look for that water fountain and while I do that, can you stay on the lookout?” asked Lucy. “Of course!” said Sammy. It took her a while, but Lucy finally found the water fountain, and both of the girls took a sip and immediately turned as small as a doll. “Whoa! Look at how tiny we are!” said Sammy with a squeaky voice. “We’ve shrunken down to the size of the dolls, now let's go get some souls!” said Lucy. The girl climbed up the lady’s dresser and walked into the dollhouse in search of the hidden souls.

 “Yay Miss! You have made it very far! Now you must find our three souls and free us atlas!” said Laila. “Got it! We’ll try our best not to get caught, guys!” said Lucy. The two girls walked around the dollhouse in search of the hidden souls and came across many challenges. “Lucy! Lucy! Come to your loving Mother! I’ve missed you so dear!” said a deformed voice in the distance. “Mom?” ask Lucy. “No, don't go Lucy, it's a trap!” screamed Sammy. Lucy then suddenly snapped back to reality and realized that it wasn’t her mother. "Lucy, maybe you should use the Soul Finder to look around to see if you see the souls!” said Sammy. “You’re right!” Lucy agreed. Lucy pulled the Soul Finder out of her front pocket and looked through it to see if there was something she wasn’t seeing.

 “Bingo!” said Lucy. What Lucy saw through the Soul Finder was a glowing light coming from the plant in the upstairs hallway. Lucy then went over to where the light was coming from, and picked up a heart shaped pendant from out of the plants, and held it in her hand. ” Congratulations Miss! You found my soul! You have two more left to find but please hurry!” said Laura worried but happy. Lucy listened to Laura and put the pendant in her pocket and continued on her way. After about ten minutes she found something.  “What’s that?” asked Lucy. “What’s what?” asked Sammy. Lucy picked up the magnifying glass, and looked through it at the picture on the wall, and saw a green glowing light coming from behind it. “There’s something behind this painting…,” said Lucy. She took a grip of the painting and pulled it open to reveal not only a secret area in the wall, but also another pendant. “A pat on the back to you Miss! You found my soul, but you still have 1 more soul to find! Please hurry though, the lady is on to you!” warned Laila. “I’ll go as fast as I can!” said Lucy. The two girls ran all around the dollhouse looking for the last soul when they encountered a big problem. “I think that girl might be looking for those children’s souls! But not on my watch!” said Mrs. Meredith. “She’s probably at the antique shop looking for the Soul Finder! Let’s go!” said the man. The adults ran out of the house in a hurry to look for Lucy, but little did they know, Lucy was already in the dollhouse.

 “Miss, you need to hurry up! Time is running out!” said Laura. Sammy and Lucy ran around faster, and searched harder for this last soul. After another fifteen minutes of searching, they finally found the last soul. “Sammy, I see it! I see the last soul!” said Lucy, very excited. The last soul they were in search of was in the window seal, in the kitchen. As soon as Lucy grabbed it and put it in her pocket, a loud familiar voice rang through the whole dollhouse. “I don’t think so! I’ve tried time after time to hide you from the truth, but somehow you still managed to find out! Now you will turn into one of those kids!” said Mrs. Meredith. “I don’t think so!” said Lucy. She threw some things at her that were out of the dollhouse. It stunned Mrs. Meredith for a little, so they would have time to escape.

 Lucy and Sammy managed to escape the dollhouse, and ran away from Meredith. The girls went to Lucy’s room and locked the door so Meredith couldn’t get in. “Miss, please hurry and give us the pendants so we all can escape!” said Liliana. Lucy hurried and grabbed the pendants out of her pocket to give to the girls. “Thank you so much, Miss!” said the 3 ghosts as they faded away. “LET ME IN NOW!” screamed Meredith as she burst down the door. But by the time she got in the room, the girls had not only grown back to their original size, but they were also already out the window running down the street. “YES, WE ARE FINALLY FREE!” said Lucy. “We can go to my house, and hide out there!?” said Sammy. The girls ran into Sammy’s house relieved. The lady was on the search for Lucy but the girls stayed hidden. And that was the end of the girl's crazy adventure. 

 The end for now


Book 1: One for sorrow

Sentence 1: “The silence rang with shock and dismay.”

Book 2: Wait till Helen comes

Sentence 2: “And besides, you didn’t see her, you didn’t hear her.”

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