Boring Hope

Boring Hope

Tiredness is what I felt. The sound of the machinery keeps me awake. My name is Jess and I am 15. The tearing down of Hope Springs was set to be done years ago, yet here we are today. Fortunately, that wretched sound ended. Bad thing is, it was 8:00 am. “RING, RING, RING” the bell rang. Swiftly, I leave. “Time to start the day.” I thought to myself. I opened the door, walked down the long flight of stairs, and rode on my bicycle to school. Whispers echoed through the hallways. Among the several hundred voices I heard, “Did you hear? Hope Springs could flood the city if anything goes wrong.” An interesting idea I think to myself. Math class was boring today, learning about geometry and such. The day sped by and I did not learn much of anything. At some point, the Science teacher had to leave and there was no substitute. Something about a teacher shortage was the problem. Nevertheless, it was the last class of the day. I was ready to go home.

At home, I met my older brother Jason and my mother. Jason usually works through the night, starting at 7:00 PM, and sleeps through the day. My mother on the other hand, I know nothing about. She rarely ever visits. “How was school?” Jason asked. “It was alright. It’s boring most of the time.” I responded. My mother spoke, “You should be grateful you even get to go to school. We used to wake up early and work for hours.” and I said back, “Well at least you were able to sleep. The demolition of Hope Springs won’t let me sleep.” “Well there isn't any sound right now is there?” I was dismayed and appalled at what she said.”They don’t work on Wednesdays.” I said, trying to calm myself down. “How would you know? Are you a construction worker Jess? Well that is to be expected considering your attitude.” I was tired. “You’re not around enough to notice,” I interrupt standing up straight. After that, I went to my room and did some work.

The next day, a worker from SmartMart came to our school with an announcement. “Starting tomorrow, you will transition into another school so that we can connect the road going from behind Hope Springs to the city. If you have any concerns, please speak up with your name and question.” A taller girl raised their hand. “My name is Lila and my question is, Will the Springs flood the city?” The guy responded,”No, even if the barrier around the springs collapses, there is not enough water to flood the city.” A slightly shorter girl raised her hand. My name is Jubilee Johnson and I’m wondering; what will happen to Hope Springs? Will it be destroyed?” “Well Jubilee Johnson, that’s a good question. Change can be scary but I can assure you SmartMart doesn’t mean any harm to hope springs.” Then, the employee ran out of time and was dragged out the door. As usual, the classes sped by. Nothing interesting happened. Will there be anything exciting?

I do not know if I am passionate about anything. I have no interests but hopefully, I can find more. Maybe I can try to take a walk around the springs if it is going down. I do not think that will be a problem. The springs are not that high so I could climb it. I reached the base of the springs and started climbing. I severely underestimated how tall it was. There was nobody in sight. I was on my own and a quarter of the way through. Suddenly, I saw movement at the corner of my eye. It was people. They were not climbing. They were walking up a path. I feel so blind to know that there was a path right next to me. I proceeded to walk up and finally reached the top. It was life-changing. The useless hard work paid off in a way. I saw the shining colors of the sky, water, and life. Beautiful is an understatement. I wish there was a way to preserve the springs. I think that is what I want to do. Fight for what I like.


Book 1: Countdown by Deborah Wiles

“You’re not around enough to notice,” I interrupt standing up straight.

Book 2: Hope Springs

“Well Jubilee Johnson, that’s a good question. Change can be scary but I can assure you SmartMart doesn’t mean any harm to hope springs.”

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