Poetry Winners

Black History Writing Contest Winners

First Place
by Fiyinfoluwa Osiyale

Snowbirds come out during the winter
while the raven endures the harsh light of the summer.
The snow bird, oh! such a majestic creature
Recognized constantly in our books
Feathers blending into the background

The raven outraged at the background
Screeching to be heard and silenced by its offenders
Trying to fly like the snow birds
Covered by its doubts
recognized in the idea of a zoo
Caged by it’s expectancy and uncertainty to the future

I want to be both black and white, yet none at the same time
I want to be held up high, yet still blend into the background
I want to be in the “slums” and yea, still in the presidential court
I want to be free!
I’m Tired of being stuck in a constant battle between myself and society
Someone wears our heritage, then it’s a beautiful crown of roses
When we used to wear it, we were given crowns of thorns

Two birds pitted against each other
One bird giving easier leverage to fly
The other having to go through the dust before it sees the light
One staged to win, Other to lose
Both just as confused,
Trying to make sense of the sudden change of weather

Not sure whether to brawl or to run

And I yearn for the day we all realize
That there’s enough space in the sky
For both black and white to rise as one
But I know it’s not that easy as it hasn’t been done.
We’re trying to overcome this barrier of Pain, Suffering and grief
Not realizing that we’re all on the same boat
Trying to find a place we once called home.

Second Place
by Terriane Brown

 Black stands for You, And You stand for Black

If You could be someone who would it be …...
Your mother ?
Your father ?
Or someone who’s free ?

If you wish you could be someone,
Whose different in all ways,
Someone who’s rich or famous,
Or has those days.
If I could be someone,
I would choose to be free,
As free as a bird,
Not with my backside on the curb.

You could choose to be filled with joy and glee.
If I could be someone,
I know exactly who to be.
Unique and different from them all,
I would choose just to be that Black me.

You need be yourself,
Be that Black person now.
No bonds of something your not,
No yesterday’s chain, no tomorrow's hope.
This is your truth, your salvation.

Rise in your Beauty of blackness, love and kindness.
It’s okay to be Black.
It's your life, your the star.
Stay true to yourself, You are Black, and you’ll go far.
It's okay to be Black never mind how it seems .
Don't ever give up.
Always hope, and always Dream.
It's okay to be Black.
You're doing just fine.
Show the world who you are. Get out there and Shine.

Third Place
by Ja'Corian Carter

Hey my name is Ja'Corian and I am here to tell you that I have a disability that does not stop me! I was born with cerebral palsy which makes it challenging for me to move around. If you have a disability and someone says you can't do anything, you tell them YOU CAN! I can do things with my disability that other people do like playing football. Even though it's hard for me, I can run real fast!

I also love to wrestle but I have to be very careful. You can be great in life with a disability! For example, the new president of the USA Joe biden had a learning disability and he is now the leader of the country! To people with disabilities, you are SO great, you can do anything you want to do! Don’t care about what people or the doctor says about what you can’t do!

Don't give up on your dreams! Keep going! People with disabilities, you are about to do greater than the people bullying you. Help change the world by not joking about each other! Keep pushing, don't give up, and I love you all!

Thank you

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