Winning Stories

The Jester by Jada Trowell
Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a boy who loved to laugh, play and play jokes and pranks on the town. One day he took it too far causing the townspeople to send him afar. The townspeople said to the boy " go into the forest if you want a new toy" and the boy said "ok then i will come back and we all can laugh and play." But little did the boy know that the forest was a dangerous place. He skipped and hummed to the beat in his head but then he heard a sound that filled him with dread, he asked "w..who’s there" with a stutter in his voice then a colorful man popped out filled with joy. The man said "I am the jester of laughs and schemes. I bring toys, gifts and jokes and I can grant you a wish at the most." As the jester was doing his dance the boy asked himself can i trust this man as the jester sighed  for a while the boy said "where did you get that style." The jester replied "from the kingdom of course what do you think i look like some kind of horse." The boy said ok and told the jester he was going to go on his way.

The jester said in his mind I am going to follow behind. Which the boy did not know but the jester was not just all about jokes as the boy sighed and said that was a creepy guy i thought i was going to die. Now let's go back to looking for that toy again as he goes back to humming the toon in his head. He suddenly feels this familiar feeling which is dread. As he stops and looks for a while the jester comes behind him with a smile. The boy jumps and screams. The jester says "be quiet, it's just me, your old friend, the jester." The boy stops and slowly calms down and replies "why would you scare me like that mr jester," well because it's funny and you forgot to make your wish. The boy says "but i don't have a wish i'm just humming to the tune in my head and looking for what the townspeople told me to look for." The jester says with a darker voice 'there is no toy in this forest so the townspeople must've lied but now you're in my trap caught like a fly." The boy tries to run but he can't because he is tainted by the jokers smile and then he passes out.


What’s Your Fear Factor?

by Joshua Nwokoji

This day was so horrifying I don't want to remember it but, I tell you how it happened. 2 weeks ago, I was playing Among Us on my Laptop and, then at midnight I heard knocks on my door but, when I went to the door to check no one was there, so I went back upstairs. But, 10 minutes later, I continued to hear knocks getting loud and louder. You can listen to it going pound, pound, pound with no stopping until I can't take it anymore, so I go back downstairs. I finally opened the door and I got a whiff of something that made me pass out. What came later was frightening.

When I wake up, I see my legs and hands strapped to the chair, which was connected to electric wires and a cup of water that was about to tip. A faint and ominous voice came on a monitor and said, "You may find this very shocking, but whoever can get out first will go out and move on." So I knew that I wasn't the only captive. So I try to use the water to tip over the wires so they can melt the straps, it makes the straps more fried so I get out but, as soon as I leave the door, something hits me in the back of my head.

I woke up at my house, but I knew something was different. Then, I saw a message on the door, it said, "Since you didn't let me in, so try to get out" and then the house started to fill with water. I couldn't open the door and the water started filling up to my chin. I tried to break the windows but they were maxi-glass. So I almost didn't make it, but I found a crowbar and opened the garage door.

Finally, as soon as I'm out of the house, I see a man with a creepy black and white clown mask. He told me that after 2 weeks I will never remember him. As soon as he said that, I asked him what's your name. He told me his name uh, uh, uh, I can't remember I'm losing my memory. Wait, what were we talking about? Can you help me remember please?

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