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News Details

Eighth Grade Contract

The following contract was sent home with students.  Parents may sign and return the form to school or sign the form electronically.

2023-2024 | 8th Grade Behavior Contract for End of Year Celebrations/Events

     As we approach the end of the school year, our priority is to create a safe and positive
environment for all students. Eighth grade has exciting activities planned for the conclusion of
the year. While these events are intended to bring joy to your child's time at Kendrick, we also
emphasize the importance of maintaining academic success.

     This year, we seek your support and cooperation in adhering to our Eighth Grade
Behavior Contract. Our goal is for every student to partake in these enjoyable events, with the
expectation that all students will strive to meet behavioral standards. However, ensuring safety
and fostering a positive, healthy environment takes precedence.
     For students who do not make positive choices regarding their behavior in school, the
consequence may involve forfeiting the privilege to attend these events. We believe that students
who cannot adhere to school rules and expectations may compromise the safety of others.
Additionally, we emphasize the importance of students staying focused on their academic
responsibilities. Consequently, students displaying a negative attitude towards class work and/or
tests may also lose the privilege to participate in these events.

     To provide students with an opportunity to rectify their behavior and meet behavioral or
academic expectations, warnings will be issued before any potential loss of activity privileges.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in creating a positive and safe end-of-year
experience for all eighth-grade students at Kendrick.

     We have conducted a meeting with the eighth-grade student body to review the rules and
expectations outlined below. Students must sign and return this contract before participating and
submitting their 8th-grade dues through schoolcashonline (payment information will be sent out
soon). Please note that once payments are made, they are non-refundable.

                    **BEHAVIOR & ACADEMIC CONTRACT**

Students will face exclusion from upcoming events upon receiving three (3) STRIKES. A single
(1) Strike may result from any of the following inappropriate behaviors or a lack of academic

1. Removal from class for disciplinary consequences (Isolated with another teacher)
2. Bus suspension, in-school suspension, or any days of out-of-school suspension
3. Demonstrating blatant disrespect or insubordination toward any Kendrick Middle School staff
member or substitute

Immediate exclusion from ALL EVENTS will result from the following:

1. In-school suspension of 3 or more days (consecutive)
2. Suspension of 3 or more days from either bus or school (consecutive)

After reviewing this Behavior Contract with your student, please sign the bottom slip as
indication of receiving this notice and return to the homeroom teacher.
Please understand that your student will still be held accountable for this Behavior
Contract even if this form is not returned by the due date or not returned at all.
-8th grade at teachers at Kendrick Middle School.

I have read and reviewed this notice with my student.

Parent/Guardian Signature

Date  ____/_____/_______ 

Student’s Signature
Date  ___/____/___